Article from the Lynn Haven Ledger
Written by Malia Torres

Creativity has always been a strong suit for Bronze Rinehart, owner of Off the Wall Screen Printing and Embroidery. He first put his talents to use as an airbrush artist on Panama City Beach in the 1980s, when one could still drive down Front Beach Road and see unobstructed views of Florida’s white sandy beaches.

After many years on the beach, Bronze felt it was time for a change. While on a trip to Illinois, he had the chance to connect with a local screen-printer. This encounter would change the course of his career.

After coming back home, he worked on a few designs and realized this was something he could do for a living. Bronze explained, “I took my artwork into a whole different format for t-shirts. Instead of airbrushing and painting directly on them, I would go into the screen-printing of them.”

When a Lynn Haven screen-printing business, Cloth Tattoo, went out of business in the early 1990s, Bronze was able to collect the screen-printing equipment and begin his business in a twelve-hundred square foot building that he built behind his home in Bayou George. From there, Off the Wall Screen Printing was born.

As the business grew, Rielly Rinehart, Bronze’s younger brother, joined the company. Rielly stated, “We became partners in January of 1997, but I really started working there as early as August 1996. I would take stuff home and do bookkeeping.” Bronze added, “My brother Rielly took care of the business end of Off the Wall, while I was able to focus on the production and the art. We have been going strong ever since.”

With a new partner in the mix, Off the Wall found itself flourishing. Shortly after Rielly joined, both brothers were able to move the business to its current building on Ohio Avenue in Lynn Haven. Bronze explained, “We were growing out of the place I had, so we were looking for a place to buy. Fortunately, the gentleman I was able to buy the screen-printing equipment from, allowed me to buy his embroidery building.” With the help of family members and friends, Off the Wall was able to learn the art of embroidery and incorporate it into the business.

Over the years, Off the Wall Screen Printing and Embroidery has stitched itself into the community by creating unique and original designs for local sport teams, schools, churches, and businesses. When asked which project had been the most exciting, both brothers described the Indian Summer Seafood Festival, an account they’ve held for several years.

As Bronze and Rielly reflect on the past and look toward the future, they find themselves extremely grateful for the lifestyle the business has given them. “Off the Wall is a blessing. It has always given us the freedom to do the things we need and want to do. We have enjoyed the luxury of not having to miss any of the activities going on with our children as they were growing up, whether it be chicken rings for lunch at school or soccer games on the weekend. We have always had the flexibility,” Rielly acknowledged. Bronze went further to say, “Off the Wall has provided for mine and Rielly’s family for the past twenty-four years. It is my hope that our kids will eventually learn the business, run it, and grow it.”

Rielly Rinehart put it best when he said, “My philosophy in business is to do your job, work hard, stand behind your product, and sell at a good price.” Off the Wall Screen Printing and Embroidery continues to live up to that expectation. This mindset is what has made this family business what it is today.